Why Wait?

Why Wait?

I want to make a clarification about the type of counseling I do.  I use a very specific, observably workable method of counseling that is directed specifically to improving the abilities of an individual.  The counseling is geared to finding what the goal of the individual is, getting their ideas about what they think they can do and improving that on a gradient scale by removing any failure to confront, barriers and disabilities in the area.  On a gradient scale the techniques are used to bring the individual to being more creative and causative over his own actions and life.

I have found that in regards to children and teens, even amongst those people who are well familiar with these particular techniques, parents tend to wait until a child is troubled and upset or causing upset for themselves and their family.  Of course, the counseling will handle those conditions.  And then what?  Once those conditions are handled usually the child or teen is placed right back into the same situations that created those conditions.  Perhaps an analogy of this would be helping someone to get well with an antibiotic but not teaching the child how to stay well by educating them in hygiene and proper nutrition.

Many of the children and teens who have availed themselves of this technology (well before they were liable to have trouble) rarely do currently get into trouble.  I have found them to be, as teens, more responsible and acting as true leaders involved in their school counsels and in community projects. The trouble they now might get into has less to do with drugs and borderline criminal activities than it does with taking on too much responsibility and then dropping things out.  This is not to say they do not have fun or are not “teens,” but they are generally one for one, more responsible.

The younger children are calmer, communicate better and less prone to illness and nervousness.

So I always have to wonder, why wait?  If you were to research it and know that this technology truly is workable, not because anyone told you so but because you tried and witnessed it for yourself in some capacity, then why would you wait for trouble before you start your child? Why not help them find their true purpose, improve their abilities in communication, their ability to be more easily educated, their ability to confront life and life’s situations NOW.  Wouldn’t that be more important than any Wii or computer type games, I Pods, designer clothes or an expensive cell phone?

Well, check it out for yourself in this site.  Really examine it, as only you can truly answer that question.  You have to really know what the technology is from reading it and understanding it, not just being told about it by me or any other source than the actual author himself.

Do so and you might be amazed at the miracles you will see in your children and yes, even yourselves!

Wishing you joy,

Diane DiGregorio Norgard

Mace-Kingsley Family Center