What is child processing?

What is child processing?

Ron Says…

“Then what is child processing? It is not the processing of psychotics, because these children are exhausted sane people. They’re kind of shook-up sane people, you got the idea? They’re not batty. They’ve got a future. But, they are certainly not the kind of preclear that you would handle carelessly. And the first thing that a child requires, as a preclear, is good, formal auditing. And the one thing he ordinarily gets is careless, patch-up auditing. And if you had just lost all of your possessions in the last couple of years and an auditor came along to do something for you, you certainly would not appreciate an assist which didn’t start with any kind of rudiments, no formality of the session, ended when the process wasn’t flat. You got the idea? You just wouldn’t appreciate that, would you? Well, this speaks well for Scientology that it’s functional in this area.

“Children are people! They have been through some very rough experiences; they are not in very good shape; their possessions are very small. Their dependence is tremendous. That they pick up some engrams and locks in childhood is almost beside the point; it’s of no consequence. It’s just, bluntly of no consequence that childhood is aberrative to some extent, because all of these aberrative locks of childhood sit on heavier engrams of great duress earlier on the track. Don’t you see?”

L. Ron Hubbard

from Freedom Congress lecture
“Child Scientology”
7 July 1957