Become upset occasionally with your father

Become upset occasionally with your father

Ron Says…

“You could cause automobile accidents by training children into (quote) “safety” (unquote). You would eventually raise a whole generation that would do nothing but go out and have accidents. You see this? You gave them no familiarity with accidents and you told them they should flinch from accidents.

“So you could say all flinchingness and all reactivity is the result of erroneous training which forbids observation. You see where we got here? Now, this is no condemnation of the American university. It’s no condemnation, at all, of training in any particular field. But it does show you that training could have two sides – there could be two sides to this coin called training.

“You could train toward observation or train away from observation. It isn’t training that is at fault. It is a type of training that is at fault. The reason you become upset occasionally with your father and your mother and the way they handled you is because they gave you so much training away from observation. When you protect people from observing directly, you debar them from as-ising.”

L. Ron Hubbard

from 19th American Advanced Clinical Course lecture
03 Feb 1958