Every Argument You’ve Ever Gotten Into

Every Argument You’ve Ever Gotten Into

“Well, I’ll dare say that every argument you’ve ever gotten into was because you did not handle an origin. Every time you’ve ever got into trouble with anybody, you can trace it back on the track and find out there was an origination someplace along the line that you didn’t handle.

“Person walked in and he said, ‘Whee,’ he said, ‘I’ve just passed with the highest mark in the whole school!’

“And you say, ‘You know, I’m awfully hungry. Shouldn’t we go out and eat?’

“You’ll find yourself in a fight.

“He feels ignored. He originated a communication to have you prove to him that he was there and he was solid.

“Now, most little kiddies get frantic about their parents when their parents don’t handle their originations properly, because handling an origination merely tells the person, ‘All right, I heard it. You’re there.'”

L. Ron Hubbard

Dear Alice Lecture 4 Disk 2
15 May 1957
Dummy Auditing, Step Four: Handling Originations track 4