Get Me To The Train On Time

Get Me To The Train On Time

Years ago I was traveling in Germany alone and needed to get to the train station. I took a taxi with the hope that the driver would speak English and I could communicate my destination. After trying my limited German vocabulary I found out he was from Turkey and didn’t speak English. YIKES.

My only solution was to start speaking much louder…if I yelled loud enough he would understand I needed to get to the TRAIN STATION!!!

It was like talking to a reactive mind. No Comprendo. (I don’t understand.) Sometimes I see parents who think they can yell their children to sanity… “If I yell loud enough they will understand me” technique. I remember a few years ago when I was back home helping an elderly friend. The person was mostly out of Present Time except for the vital necessities of survival. She was also “hard of hearing” (which is a polite way of saying mostly deaf!).

Consequently, having a conversation was challenging. I’d say something like “It is a nice day.” To which was responded, “I don’t feel like playing.” To which I yelled, “I SAID IT WAS A NICE DAY!!” To which I would get a response, “You don’t have to YELL!” To which I would roll my eyes and huff and puff!

After many such conversations I tried using the approach “yelling the person to sanity”. Somehow if I yelled and was forceful enough the person would come to present time and duplicate what I was saying. This approach is like coming upon someone who has just been hit by a car and is bleeding all over the street and you start yelling at them to stop bleeding! It doesn’t work.

It is a physical universe thing. The person is hit by a car, in pain and bleeding. Yelling doesn’t stop the bleeding.

Well then it dawned on me; my friend was stuck in her Reactive Mind! It was like she was handicapped as a result of being in the painful moments of the past. You you can’t yell someone to sanity.

The Reactive Mind is a physical universe thing! When the Reactive Mind is being dramatized it is like the guy bleeding all over the street. It is real and is manifested right now in the physical universe. You can’t yell it to sanity.

Someone whose aberrations are making life difficult, like the child who is cranky, whining and uncooperative, is actually just “bleeding all over the street”. They are in some sort of past incident, out of present time, and it is a real physical universe thing.

Another thing is that the Reactive Mind contains PAIN, UNCONSCIOUSNESS, and PAINFUL EMOTIONS! When the Reactive Mind is being dramatized THAT is what is coming to the surface and acting like Present Time! The pain and drama of the past is a real physical universe thing. We can see it being acted out in Present Time.

When I started looking at my friend through this understanding I realized she was in Pain, had some Unconsciousness and some Painful Emotions! Just as I would not yell at someone to stop bleeding on the street, I wouldn’t yell at someone who was in pain from the past as a way to get them to stop hurting! Suddenly I had patience and understanding.I could communicate with ARC and make it safe for the person to approach Present Time so we could have a conversation. It changed my life.

Then I started auditing my friend and changed her life!

This is all from reading a book called DIANETICS by L. Ron Hubbard. He has many more stories in the book and makes it very easy to understand why this wonderful thing we call life can sometimes be nuts. It is a great read for any parent.

By the way,the taxi driver in Germany spoke Turkish, German and SPANISH! OLE! (Yahoo!) My high school Spanish worked for me and we made it to the train station on time!