Completely overwhelm him

Completely overwhelm him

Ron Says…

“Scientologist with child has a hell of a responsibility, by the way. It’s so easy to use Scientology on the child – completely overwhelm him. Kid wouldn’t know whether he was going or coming. See, you actually could just positively and directly control him and monitor him – have no kid at the end of it.

“A lot of Scientologists bend too far the other way, you know? They say, ‘Well, a child is self-determined.’ Well, I’d like to call to their attention, as long as I’m making a remark on it, they’re not using Scientology, they’re using child psychology which is ‘Never control. Never control.’ That’s child psychology – common denominator. ‘Let the child grow of his own responses, let him abreact out of his…’ and make all the adults miserable.

“Well, my idea is adults have rights, too. And the way I keep a kid leading, by the way, is to explain to them that these are adult rights and someday he will inherit them. And that keeps him leading, you know? That gives him something to go forward to.”

L. Ron Hubbard

from 19th American Advanced Clinical Course lecture
24 January 1958