…there are two things that lead up to sanity.

…there are two things that lead up to sanity.

Ron Says…

“How do you put somebody under control? Well, you evaluate for him and you invalidate him. So, what’s the backbone of aberration? Then in terms of thought, more or less, we’d have invalidation and evaluation.

“Now, let’s turn these two over and then look and see if we find there are two things that add up to sanity. Well, if evaluation is bad, then no evaluation would be the reverse of that. So we’ve got no evaluation sitting up there as sanity. And if invalidation is bad, then validation would wipe things out, wouldn’t it, or it would be good.

“And sure enough, what you tend to validate with a preclear works out to be what he becomes. That’s very fascinating.”

L. Ron Hubbard

Lecture from The Factors
Review of Dianetics, Scientology and Para-Dianetics/Scientology
23 March 1953
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