A couple of years ago I wrote an article on illness and the Holiday Season for the Scientology Parent Site as seen here: http://www.scientologyparent.com/illnesses-and-the-holiday-seaon/

Well during this last week something has come up that made me realize there is something I totally failed to caution about in this article. In the last week alone I have had parents sign up their 4 year olds-8 year olds for counseling because they watched a movie appropriate to Halloween and now their child is having terrible nightmares.

  • So here is my best advice for your younger children:
    Through the next 4-5 weeks make sure to give them more B vitamins—an easy way to do this is to add some Brewer’s Yeast or Nutritional Yeast to their diet. This can be mixed into a smoothie to mask any strong tastes and Nutritional Yeast is less strong tasting than Brewer’s yeast. Or give them a good B complex with a little extra B1 supplement. To have this work the most efficiently it is suggested to always to balance this with extra C and Calcium/Magnesium supplements. If you are not sure of dosages please contact a local nutritionist or Chiropractor that does nutritional testing.
  • Keep in mind that movies that seem mild to a pre-teen and teen are often too scary for younger children. Movies like Harry Potter, Bride of Frankenstein and Zombie movies are the culprit of the latest rash of dreams terrorizing children.
  • Costumes! What could you possibly do about costumes? I suggest you talk to your child about scary costumes. If they are afraid of certain kinds then have them draw out what scares them about the costumes and tell you about it. Just listen and acknowledge you heard what they said. Do not try to explain why the costume is not scary. This is a process suggested in the “Children” Chapter or booklet from the Scientology Handbook. You can find a copy at any library and look at the data on how to apply this exactly. Unfortunately the internet version of the “Children” chapter does not include this. You will have to find the booklet or the chapter in the actual Scientology Handbook. Another procedure you can use is the Locational Assist and this can be found here: http://www.scientologyhandbook.org/assists/sh6_7.htm. Mace-Kingsley Family Center also does sell these inexpensive booklets if you would like to purchase one. Anyone who feels uncertain on how to run these processes, or if the situation is too severe, feel free to contact Mace-Kingsley Family Center at 727-442-3922.
  • As mentioned in the article on the “Scientology Parent” site watch SLEEP and SWEETS: Staying up late and eating foods they normally don’t eat due to parties, Trick or Treating, etc. can lead to being over-stimulated. That coupled with the situations mentioned in 2-3 above, when the child actually does fall asleep these can lead to nightmares.
  • Here is a suggestion for the best way to handle Halloween to avoid nightmares for young children and still have a lot of fun: Rather than Trick or Treating get together as friends and have a little party. Limit the sweets with little party favor toys. If you must watch a movie pick something very child friendly like: “Casper the Friendly Ghost”, “The Lego Movie” or “Big 6 Hero”, “Frozen”, etc. If you must Trick or Treat work together with a number of your friends: You take your, and their kids out to the houses of these friends, you can even trade off. They come to your house, you hand out the treats which are limited sweets and party favors. Then you both walk to your friend’s house, you take their children to the next house, where this friend hands out similar treats, she then takes your children while you go back to your house to continue handing out treats, etc. Hey, I just thought that up! And don’t forget to hand out the same to Tricks or Treaters that show up at your house along with the booklets “How to Make Good Choices” to the younger children and “The Way to Happiness” booklets to the older teens. In effect just be creative on how to shield your child from any really scary costumes, movies, commercials, Haunted Houses, etc. And when you are not able to do that, be aware of things you can do to minimize the scare with good nutrition and getting the child’s attention onto the non-scary physical universe around them and having them draw out the things that scare them.

I hope that this helps you all have a safe and fun Halloween this year!

Diane D. Norgard
Mace-Kingsley Family Center