If one is sweet enough and if one helps enough…

If one is sweet enough and if one helps enough…

Ron Says…

“But where this universe at this time is concerned, this universe—at this time—presents an aspect wherein the greatest certainty which can be realized by an individual is that it’s a cruel universe: that he will eat as long as he serves, as long as his force is great enough to meet the situation and he will die when that force is no longer adequate to the problem. And that is very close to the truth.

“Now, we take in this society a little child and we raise them up on sweetness and light, that if you are a good boy and do not employ any force, the society will take care of you and you will have justice and you’ll this—and it’s all love and sweet sympathy.

“Now, just because this kid is living in the middle of a bunch of smoke-filled chimneys and narrow streets in something called ‘culture,’ does not for one moment remove his environment from the environment of the MEST universe, which is, essentially, a cruel, dog-eat-dog universe. In other words, he’s being falsely trained. He’s being trained that he’s living in some kind of a special strata.

“Well, now let’s take an extremity: let’s drop him into the ocean, for a moment, where we have sharks and we will find out that not one shark present will ask whether he is sweet or full of light before he bites. The shark will bite regardless.

“Not one of the acts of charity of this individual will save him for a split instant between the teeth of that shark. What will save him — if he had the force of prying open the jaws of the shark and eating the shark, that would save him.

“So essentially, Man is impractical. In his effort to control his fellows, he has fallen into a very dangerous situation and that situation is ‘that if one is good enough and if one is sweet enough and if one helps enough, he will then be repaid by endless adoration and survival.’ And this is not true. He will not be.

“A man is as good as he can use effort, use force and predict it. And he’s as bad off as he cannot predict, on his own part or on the part of others, effort and force. And that’s about all you can say about it.”

L. Ron Hubbard

from 2nd American Advanced Clinical Course lecture
“Force, Part I”
13 December 1953

…fought at every meal and this kid couldn’t be gotten to eat

Ron Says…

“And these two people, actually in their course of their marital—you wouldn’t call it a passage—a sort of marital misnavigation out in the middle of a hurricane section, quite customarily fought at every meal and this kid couldn’t be gotten to eat. He was starving to death! Food equaled fight, in their lives.

“Papa and Mama would sit down to the table; a nice meal, all right. Papa would start complaining about the food; Mama would complain about how hard she had to work, and it was quite usual and ordinary for them to pick up the crockery and shy it at each other. And not extraordinary for the kid to be hit! And this had been going on ever since this little kid could be moved up to the table. And this kid that should have weighed somewhere around eighty-five pounds was down to about forty-eight pounds and doing very badly. Now, that gives you some sort of an idea of the problem you’re going to run into.

“Childhood is so resilient and children are naturally so healthy that it doesn’t take very much to key out what’s wrong and bring them up to battery again.

“The prescription in this case was merely Straightwire on the first time they quarreled and picking it on up the line. Of course it was all through the prenatal bank, but it keyed out fairly quickly. I’m calling it Straightwire now; well, it didn’t have that technical name at the time, it was just ‘discussion of the matter.’

“And the next thing was to insist that the child be permitted to eat in the kitchen with a closed door.

“And they looked at me, both parents, and they looked daggers! And they said, ‘What has that child been telling you?’ And I could see right away the child was going to be punished. You see the parents were much more anxious to punish this kid than they were to get the kid well, actually!

“And I said, ‘Well, you know, I happen to know that the child can gain considerable in the way of weight if this is done. And I know that if this is done, the child will gain weight. Therefore, in the next couple of weeks the child will gain weight or I call the Humane Society.’ Unanswerable question. That was the end of that. The child gained weight.”

L. Ron Hubbard

from lecture
“Child Dianetics—Part II”
8 November 1950

Clearing “Children”

How much easier and more productive would your life have been if you had achieved the state of Clear in your youth? Well, you can’t go backwards but can create the future (part of the def of the 2D) for your child.

The youngest Clear that we have produced here at Mace-Kingsley was only 13 years old!

LRH talks about auditing kids below:

“But I can tell you this: that if you can give a child a good release, if you can straighten him out, so forth in his early years, you have done a very great deal for him because these are the years in which he learns things and you have made it possible for him to fill his standard banks and to think straight, early enough, so that he has an enormous advantage in life. And wherever you can practice Dianetics on children, by all means do so.”
from lecture “Child Dianetics – Part 2” 8 Nov 1950

Preclears wanted!! Mace Kingsley is delivering, NOW, NOW, NOW, the Golden Age of Tech Phase II Bridge up to Clear.

You and your kids can be Cleared in months!! Clearing within months (no longer years) is now a reality!!! (Also remember that the rates of Grade Chart auditing went down as GAT Phase II was released!)

Ron has let us know that kids are thetans and should be audited and Cleared as early as possible!

Help your children free the perfection that is them, their basic personality!

Lets talk about your and your kids’ next steps toward Clear. Call me on my cell at (928) 274-5903.

Much love,
Ken Ferrara
Service Consultant/Registrar
Mace-Kingsley Family Center

And I have found dignity very much present in a two-months-old child

Ron Says…

“And I’ve known kids in this society (in strange homes, it’s true) who grew up with a very great concept of their own personal worth and a feeling of great dignity. And I’ve run back—interested, very interested in this—on the time track and have found when dignity first starts to come in. And I have found dignity very much present in a two-months-old child, taking a person back down the time track.

“Somebody comes in and says, ‘Kitchy-kitchy-coo,’ and the kid says ‘Who the hell is this!’ But he can’t express it in words. So we take this child that’s normal, whose parents are worried about the child, the child gets a cold, has asthma, is sick. The parents say ‘We’ve done everything in the world that you could for this child.’ You echo to yourself, ‘And probably everything in the world that you could do to it.’ And we will carry this thing along. And what do we do with this child, you as an auditor? This child is sick.

“Well, the first thing you can try to do is to take the child by itself, no parents. Get them very definitely off the scene. You try to examine a child around his parents and you will find that he is falsely valuing everything. He is still a bit squirrelly and you find out that the bulk of children, if you talk to them on a rather dignified level, that you’ll find them talking to you on a rather dignified level. And you have entered the case right at that moment because this child is not spinning. The child is more in possession of self!

“Now, let’s just treat the child on an as adult a level as possible! Let’s not talk baby talk to it. And just talk to it on a very adult level and start giving the child Straightwire without saying this is Straightwire and without explaining what all this is about. And you’ll find out that you can go straight along with most cases and you can start blowing locks out very rapidly.”

L. Ron Hubbard

from lecture
“Child Dianetics—Part II”
8 November 1950

Quite normally the whole career of a child is established by…

Ron Says…

“ A preclear will have discovered roles up and down the time track which interested people and he will be trying to occupy these roles in order to increase his own havingness. If you were to ask a preclear:

‘What were your parents interested in?’ he would eventually recover from the very things from which he is suffering.

“ Quite normally the whole career of a child is established by the things in which his mother is interested. And the child will try to be those things in which his mother was interested if his mother’s attention and interest in him has been slight. Here is the complete backbone of orientation-points and symbols. If the orientation-point is interested, the symbols are interesting. When one can no longer be an orientation-point, he of course becomes a symbol and tries to get interest from the orientation- point. The basic orientation-points in a family are the parents or grandparents and the symbol is the child.”

L. Ron Hubbard

The Creation of Human Ability, page 159.

Little boy is running around hitting all the little girls…

Ron Says…

“ Now, you can do that with a little kid. If this little boy is running around hitting all the little girls in the neighborhood with his wagon, I can be absolutely certain that his parents run rotten 8-C. Just terrible 8-C. They might be very nice to him. Everybody say, ‘Well, they’re good parents.’ By all observances, they’re fine for him.

“ But this is the most peculiar thing in the world to witness. It is not whether they clothe him well. It is not whether they are nice or sweet or kind to him. These do not seem to have very much of an operating factor in establishing his goodness or badness, his smartness or his dullness or any other factor. It’s whether or not they run good, consistent control. ”

L. Ron Hubbard

17th American ACC Lecture of 12 March 1957, SURVIVAL, transcript page 123