You ever hear of a child being spoiled?

You ever hear of a child being spoiled?

Ron Says…

“ You ever hear of a child being spoiled? Well, children don’t get spoiled with affection or by being given things. You can give the kid Ford cars to hammer and break the windshields on or do anything you want to with this kid. You can give him anything, but don’t interrupt him. He hasn’t any big vengeance against the world and you haven’t built him up with a lot of force, you can give him practically anything and he’ll handle it all right. He won’t break it up except by accident and his own clumsiness, but it’ll be actual clumsiness, inability to handle himself.

“Give him the car now and let’s say, ‘Now, of course, you can go everyplace but down to your clubhouse and to school in this car. And I think you better have it oiled and greased every Monday. And I’m giving you this car only on the conditions that…’ A person’s independence is wrecked about this car. So, taking the supercontrol over the child, the child will come back this way: that car will wind up against a lamppost. That’s right, that’s where your destruction angles come in on these things. ”

L. Ron Hubbard

from Dianetics Professional Course Lectures lecture
“The Anatomy of Circuitry”
25 November 1950