Requires more technically perfect auditing

Requires more technically perfect auditing

Ron Says…

“But whatever the benefits and reasons of child processing, however much it may do to smooth out a home and improve the future, the fact remains that it is a highly technical subject. The processing of children requires more technically perfect auditing and more properly applied sessions and processes than the average adult.

“To achieve the greatest benefit for children, one should first achieve the greatest possible command of auditing skill and Scientology theory and practice. Because a child is helplessly unable to express his ARC breaks violently enough to be listened to is no reason he should be given them.

“Child processing demands more perfect auditing than adult processing and therefore requires a better trained auditor than the average. If you would process children, be a professional auditor first even if the children are your own. You will find that it will pay.”

L. Ron Hubbard

Ability® magazine, Issue 110