No, that’s not the way you raise children

No, that’s not the way you raise children

Ron Says…

“…because we discover that when a calm, permissive attitude is taken around a child who has been in bad condition—who has been upset, nervous, and so forth—calm, that doesn’t mean no control. You people who have inherited from psychology the idea that the modern way to do with a child is just to leave them alone and let them run—no, that’s not the way you raise children. You have to put a little bit of control on them, otherwise they get sick. You have to control them with certainty and good 8-C* or they get sick. Remember that.

“And we take this child who has been nervous and upset, and we give this child a little bit greater freedom, a little more participation in the game. We consult with the child as to whether or not it’s all right to go to the show. And sure enough, the child is liable to get kind of discombobulated for a few days, wonder what on earth is going to happen. Something is wrong, see? And they’ll rattle around and then all of a sudden they’ll say, ‘You know, there’s—there’s a little reality about this. They really do want my opinion as to whether or not to go to a show.’ And all of a sudden the kid settles down and becomes a civilized person.”

L. Ron Hubbard

from Anatomy of the Spirit of Man Congress lecture
“The Game Called Man”
6 June 1955

*8-C—the name of a process. Also used to mean good control.
(Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary)