The Singing Cowboys

The Singing Cowboys

My dad worked in the Hilton Hotel in Ft. Worth, Texas when he and my mom married. As newly weds that’s where they lived, The Hilton Hotel. It was the late 1930’s and Gene Autry and his singing cowboys were staying at the same hotel. Unaware that anyone was listening, my dad sang while he worked. But Gene Autry was listening. He liked what he heard and invited my dad to join his tour with the singing cowboys.

It was a life changing decision; take the risk of go on the road with an up and coming entertainer or stay “safe” in the job at the hotel. My dad said “No” to that opportunity. He was unsure of himself and he didn’t know all of the words or enough songs. He lived with that “what could have been” for the rest of his life.

I loved him dearly and enjoyed his singing all of his life even though he wasn’t famous! I have learned from his story.

Being competent takes a bit of action; like looking and observing life directly, not through a veil of prejudice or fear or as others tell you what to see. Just Look. In my dad’s case it is clear now “what could have been” but at that time a good look would have helped give him the confidence to step out into a new adventure to follow his dream.

Another part of being competent is learning. An important step of learning is sorting out the false data from the true. Like in the entertainment world “everyone knows” that it is filled with immoral and loose people; it is hard to make it as an entertainer; only a few succeed… etc. etc. Enough of this false data can stop anyone from reaching for his dream.

Also learning brings about knowledge of the correct data. Knowing all of the words to the song and knowing that you know the words! This applies to any field of endeavor. How do you do it? What are the skills to do what you want to do? This takes a bit of learning. And then you Practice!

Being blessed with the natural talent or love for something is awesome. And then to develop that gift by practice and being able to do it with certainty puts an individual into the realm of a true professional.

Happiness and competence go hand in hand. You can read more about this in L. Ron Hubbard’s booklet THE WAY TO HAPPINESSĀ®.

I hope you and your family find the happiness of bringing your dreams to reality. And I hope you enjoy a good song along the way!

Carol Kingsley