What could be right with education?

What could be right with education?

Ron Says…

“Supposing we had a classroom in which a child had to spend five, six, seven hours a day grinding away and he never got outside. We could suppose that with that much study he would learn something. But we see by experience that the more time he spends inside evidently over a certain ratio the less he learns. There is something wrong here with education.

“What could be right with education? Supposing you did this, supposing you said—you see they have a lot of problems. See, you couldn’t be able to do anything about this—but supposing you said this: For every hour a child spent at a school desk and in a schoolroom, he had to spend one hour on the athletic field under coached athletics which really were athletics. Not ‘Here’s a ball, boys, you play volleyball for fifteen minutes while I go over here and talk to Miss Brown who has just been appointed to staff.’ I mean real athletics, flat out.”

L. Ron Hubbard

from Games Congress lecture
“Third Dynamic Application of Games Principles”
1 September 1956