Mace-Kingsley UPDATE/Europe tour

Mace-Kingsley UPDATE/Europe tour

Hello All,

I wanted to update you on things here at MK. First of all, hurricane Irma did not do any real damage here. We had a lot of broken branches and the power was out for a few days as it was for a lot of people here in Clearwater but we are back up and running now.

And a big part of being up and running is external tours. Mace-Kingsley will be back in Europe next month. Get ready for the return of Sandy Mesmer. Sandy will be back in Switzerland, Germany and England soon. Should you want to get your child in session with Sandy please let me know as soon as you can because slots are limited. She does have availability to add a couple of PCs next month in Wiesbaden, Geneva and Lausanne.

As for other news:

Our very own Kate Sweet received Field Auditor of the Year at the Auditor’s Day event. Woo Hoo!

Marcy Sargeant, our ED, did another seminar on Child Scientology. This time up in the Columbus Org in Ohio and will be doing another in the Buffalo Ideal Org soon. She has also been asked to go to South Africa to help activate the field there by doing what she did in Budapest a couple of months ago-Big seminars on Child Scientology.

What??? Mace-Kingsley in South Africa!? Yep, looks like that’s going to happen. If you have friends or family down there let them know MK is coming and get ready to help us get the word out. We will be doing our part to help the Ideal Orgs there.

Aside from that, we do have people lined up to come here to Clearwater to get hatted as Child Auditing Specialists. We have auditors coming from Hungary, Switzerland, England, Italy, Denmark and also right here in the US. Child Scientology is going to come out of non-e so anyone you know that audits and may want to get hatted on handling kids should be pointed our way. Let me know who they are!

In closing I would like to say that I have been asked recently if we only handle children. So just in case you had the same question, the answer is NO. We are a field group that takes people all the way up to Clear. We have very highly trained auditors and can do anything that is needed up to Clear. We have more than one Class VI -including our Parent Consultant, Rigo, so even if you are in an area far from an Org we can help you get up the Bridge. We can have the entire family moving on their programs, just let me know what you need.


Rob Lugo

Illnesses of a child are generally immediately preceded by…

Ron Says…

“You will find that the illnesses of a child are generally immediately preceded by a standard dramatization of somebody else in his vicinity. In other words, there will be quarrels and upsets which precede childhood illnesses. There will be exact circumstances there which cause an engram to go into restimulation. We can bank on engrams as the predisposing thing. Actually the pathology of the child is not bacteria but is a lock of some sort. You will do well to go back and find the locks. If you want to cure this child—suppose he has chronic colds, he has lot of colds, go back and find out what preceded these colds. These are types of colds, et cetera. You will find out that it will be an emotional, mental disturbance preceding the pathology in the usual course of childhood illness. It’s going to be very hard to find sometimes, but you can discover it.”

L. Ron Hubbard

from lecture
“Child Dianetics”
1 September 1950