You take a child that is being badly abused

You take a child that is being badly abused

Ron Says…

“Now, the environmental case can go so far—for instance, you take a child that is being badly abused. And you’re trying to work this child and the child goes into another environment every night or goes to a school which is highly antagonistic to him. And his case seems to be—it’s like a frog that’s climbing out of well: climbs four inches by day and falls back five inches at night. It will seem that way to you. Try and do something to keep the child from being badly restimulated all the time. Try to talk it over with the parents if you’re working and you’ll have better luck.

“But the environmental problem is a very serious one because you as an auditor can’t regulate your preclear’s environment. But sometimes it is necessary to take the child out of the environment or take the preclear out of the environment. This is particularly true of children. That’s why I keep saying child; usually adults can stand up to it. Children don’t have quite that much luck.”

L. Ron Hubbard

from Dianetics: Lectures and Demonstrations lecture
“How to Resolve Stalled Cases”
28 September 1950