Letter from the Senior Case Supervisor

Letter from the Senior Case Supervisor

Welcome to the 49th installment of the Letter from the Case Supervisor. Once again, I’m Greg Smith, Senior Case Supervisor of Mace-Kingsley Family Center, New OT® VIII, Golden Age of Tech® Class VI Auditor and Class V Graduate C/S.

In reviewing the wonderful book “Scientology 8008″ by LRH® I came across some data which is very pertinent and useful in the raising of children. It is from the chapter entitled“Communication”:

LRH says, “Communication, however, is far more important than affinity or reality. For it is the operation, the action, by which one experiences emotion and by which one agrees. Communication is not only the modus operandi, it is the heart of life and is by thousands of percent the senior in importance to affinity and reality.” (page 283)

Later on in the same chapter he writes, “Further, one is as responsible as one can communicate. One is not responsible for that with which he cannot communicate.” (page 285)

Ever have any trouble with your kids fighting with you or amongst themselves? Here are the exact reasons why they are doing so and not taking responsibility for each other!

“But,” you say, “How do you get them to communicate better so their responsibility level rises and they stop fighting with each other and with me? Aha! Well, see what LRH says about this later in this same chapter: “There are many levels of communication. The best is self-determined communication by postulate containing no effort. But any is better than none.” (page 285)

I’m sure using your imagination you can come up with fresh new ways to get your kids to communicate. Talk to them, have them touch things, shake their hand. This is all valid ways to communicate and will eventually, if continued, lead them up toward the ideal of “self-determined communication by postulate containing no effort.”

Backing this up LRH writes earlier in the chapter: “How does one communicate? A method of permissible communication is via MEST. One places his ability into hands, eyes, etc., and by sound waves, light particles and others, communicates.” (page 285)

Try it! Run into a situation where your kid is mum, not saying anything, in expressed resentment. Try shaking his hand, rubbing his back. Open up the communication with him or with her on any level and it will eventually soar upward.

OK! Fun stuff! Send me your wins and applications; I love to hear them!

Hope to see you all soon!


Greg Smith

Mace-Kingsley Senior Case Supervisor