Baby Processing

Child Processing For Babies & Children

Why Audit Babies?

We are frequently asked about the subject of auditing babies. Very possibly your first question is why bother? This is what L. Ron Hubbard has to say on the subject:

It’s not that the baby is incapable

“But the funny part of it is, is the trouble with a baby is, is he’s having a little trouble with his motor control panel.

“He’s somebody that’s suddenly been put into a big bomber and he’s got to find the–it’s got eight engines and each one has got separate throttles and there’s fuel mixtures over here and there’s buttons, wheels, gyrometers, hydrostameters*.

“It’s terrific stuff. If anybody suddenly put you out here in one of these B-47s and said, ‘Well, take it out and land it again’–that’s a baby.

“It’s not that the baby is incapable, it’s just that the baby is not articulating and he’s not in control of the engine yet to any marked degree.”

– L. RON HUBBARD, from lecture The Emotional Curve  29 December 1951

*hydrostatameter: a made-up name for a type of meter. Hydro– means “water, liquid.” –stat means “something that stabilizes” and meter means “a measuring device.” There are various devices called “hydrostats” and “hydrometers” used for measuring and controlling water and/or other liquids.

Doesn’t matter that the kid can’t answer you

“You process a one-day-old baby; start the session! Doesn’t matter that the kid can’t answer you. That has no bearing on it at all.

“Start the session. Audit the child in a proper auditing room. Use communication bridges when you change the process. Bridge out of the session and end the session smoothly when the process is flat.”– L. RON HUBBARD, from lecture Child Scientology 7 July 1957

The baby can understand almost anything

“Now, here’s somebody that’s got a wonderful experience coming. It’s everyone’s assumption — I never jump on anybody for not knowing — but it’s a wonderful assumption to say a little baby cannot understand you. As long as you make that assumption, they won’t. But the very funny part of it is that most of them have just gotten through a life of being erudite and they’re tired of it. And they’ll fake it as long as they can. But if you talk to them as though they understand you, they very rapidly do.

“That’s been one of the more interesting experiences that every auditor has had in handling children, in handling babies and so forth. What can the baby understand? Well, the baby can understand almost anything.”– L. RON HUBBARD, from lecture Child Scientology 7 July 1957

Grant beingness to the baby.

A very key point you should have down pat as a stable datum underneath whatever you do with a baby is from HCOB 20 Dec 58, Processing a New Mother:

“Then the next important thing for a baby is to know he or she is winning. Don’t expect him or her to do more than a baby can do. Grant beingness to the baby.

“After all, you must remember what this being has just been through,… a child is somebody that’s just trying to get over a death which might have been easy and might have been violent. He’s just trying to recover from having shed all of his responsibilities. He’s trying desperately to reorient himself in existence.”– L. RON HUBBARD, from lecture 23 of The State of Man Congress

Parent Hatting

We have the exact technology at hand that handles any situation and answers all questions.

  • How do you get your child to talk, so he is comfortable telling you everything?
  • How do you get your child interested in Scientology?
  • How do you deal with negative influences (e.g. Drugs, promiscuity, stealing, etc.) and help the child succeed in life?
  • How do you help your child if he is being bullied?
  • What should you do if you lose your temper with your child?

Find out how L. Ron Hubbard addressed those questions
and much more when you get Parent Hatting.

The purpose of the Parent Hatting Service is:

To educate parents using LRH Tech so that they can fully wear their hat as a parent and raise uptone, productive and successful children.

A key function of the parents hat is to raise the tone level of their children every time it needs to be done, and keep it up; all the time!

The intention then is to provide parents with tools they can use to be the best parents they can be.

With our Parent Hatting Service you will get the information and drilling you need, to be able to handle any situation that comes up at home.

It covers those areas parents need to be hatted on, based on their requests, or needs found by the Case Supervisor or Parent Hatting Specialist. This service goes along with those services your child is receiving or may be receiving in the near future.

Our Parent Hatting Specialists, with over 20 years of experience in the subject, will gladly guide you through any difficulties and give you the exact needed piece of tech to better the situation at hand.

Conversational Skills

When one cannot easily converse with others, one truly does not stand a chance of a successful life – this we all know.

Just think of how much easier your childhood would have been if you had been able to successfully communicate.

With our one-on-one coaching, your child will learn the basics of:

  • How to listen to another person
  • How to acknowledge them
  • How to communicate what they want to say and
  • How to tell if the other person understood them and what to do if they didn’t.

This service is delivered by one of our highly trained and experienced counselors, one-on-one, and is completely personalized so that it is a careful gradient of successes for each person.  It is delivered intensively in the home and/or community to achieve success.  There is an immediate improvement in the person’s ability to communicate and converse with others.