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His friends are willing to have him around again

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I Had To Do Something Fast.

I feel that it is time I share my wins with my son after his auditing with his Mace-Kingsley auditor.

Prior to starting with a program with Mace-Kingsley, my son was having difficulty in several areas of his life. He felt like ‘everyone’ hated him and he had no real friends, he was getting into trouble with his teacher and had no interest in going to school anymore (he loved the academics part of school; it was the social atmosphere he was having problems with). At home he was withdrawing from the family arguing with all of us and not wanting to be part of our group. He was completely unwilling to help. As this was not new, and previous attempts to handle him would not stay in, I needed help to find the real why and a handling. Finally, he asked me one day if I ever felt like not being here (on this planet) anymore because there is really nothing I wanted to do. I said no, and he said, ‘Well, I feel that way’. This coming from a 9-year-old made me feel like I just got my insides ripped out.

I knew I had to do something and fast. Luckily, within days, Carol Kingsley came to our city to deliver a Parenting Workshop. I spoke with her for a while and we decided that getting him onto a program with MK was the solution.

During the first intensive there was dramatic change with him. He was happier, he was getting along better with his friends and his teacher. Her assistant also noticed changes in him. And since completing the intro program he is doing fantastic. He is in communication, his friends are willing to have him around again and the affinity between him and his teacher has definitely improved. He is willingly being a part of the family again and completely willing to help. His zest for life is higher than I have ever seen it. The affinity we have for each other is higher than it has ever been.

He began his program months ago and there is NO sign of the situation not being handled. My son thinks his auditor is the greatest being that walks the earth and I am forever grateful for the time and energy put forth by the entire MK team to make this being happy and enjoying life again.

(Mom that runs a school)

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I feel smarter, happier, funnier, stronger and way way cleaner!

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I’ve Never Felt So Good In My Life!

I feel that I’m done! No, I know that I’m done!!!! It feels amazing! I feel sooo clean, great, happy, strong and full of energy! I can’t stay still for one minute! I know I’m done! I really do! I don’t just want to get out of the sauna!!! I know I’m done. It’s amazing! I feel like a very very very clean house with not a tiny bit of dust!!! I feel like a candle with fire and it’s great! I feel smarter, happier, funnier, stronger and way way cleaner! I love it sooo much it’s unbelievable! Thank you Ron and thank you C/S!


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She is obviously handling life better

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We Are Very Proud Of Her

Both my husband and I have been amazed at how much more in communication our daughter is with us now! After her Purification Rundown she was so much calmer and easier to be around and has much less drama. She is obviously handling life better. And things just keep getting better! Since she started her auditing she is much more interested in telling us what she is doing and what is going on and there is so much less drama.

Also, we are so proud of her because she is really winning at school and she made the Dean’s list last week! She even brought school work to do at home. We are very proud of her and knew she had this in her. Thank you for helping our daughter to find more of herself.

(Regarding 13-year-old daughter)

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In a 9 year old’s own words

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“I liked my sessions because I had “My Time”.  Also I liked the process.  I liked to touch the objects, feel them and see them.” – G.K. 9 yrs.

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Stabilizing experience on all flows

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“We arrived into Clearwater (returning after many months away) and as we’re driving, my 5 year old daughter calls out from the back seat, “Momma, can I please get a session?” This was music to my ears. We walked into Mace-Kingsley Family Center and while waiting for her to get out of session, I read the Parent’s pack of references; I learned more about Ethics, Parenting and basics for truly creating a new civilization starting with my own child. This is such a theta and stabilizing experience on all flows!” D.R.

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Purification Rundowns Wins

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Since being on the Purification Rundown at Mace-Kingsley I’ve met new people and my eyesight and hearing has been improving.

12 years old

After completing the Purification Rundown at Mace-Kingsley I was able to make clear decisions. My awareness level was heightened with the physical changes in my body. I was able to recall childhood memories and things that happened in my past that I had never remembered before. After completing the first step on The Bridge I’ve found that I am on purpose. I am more enthusiastic about life, and happier than I’ve ever been before!

19 years old

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