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Is there any gift greater than that?

Personal Consulting

The Truth And Workability Of The Tech!

Thank you, we very much appreciate the excellent product you produced!

My deepest hope for S. on this cycle was that he experience for himself, in a completely personal way, the truth and workability of the tech, and that he would walk away from this action with his own wins and even more joy and hope for the future than he’s always had.

Well, we got all that and more. He’s walking around like a 400 watt light bulb. For a mom and a dad, is there any gift greater than that?

Truthfully, you made our holiday season! Thanks so much!”

D. D. (Mom)

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My son has changed dramatically

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I want to let you know that everything is going really well. My son has changed dramatically since a Mace-Kingsley auditor came to visit and it is all for the better. We really wanted to concentrate on two things when the auditor came which was his overall happiness and the ability to communicate easily so he could meet friends. I believe both have been achieved above and beyond our expectations.

Our son now has a better communication line with my husband and I, and also for the first time he went out socially after school with a group of friends from his class. It looks like his difficulties in meeting new people is beginning to turn around. Overall he is much happier within himself. We really couldn’t thank Mace-Kingsley enough for her amazing advice on using the exact correct technology of L. Ron Hubbard. We will definitely be scheduling time with her again the next time she is in town.

L. D.

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My most sullen antagonistic one laughing the loudest

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I Couldn’t Be Happier With The Results

How often as a parent do you have experiences such as these:

Five kids in the car laughing and chattering. My most sullen antagonistic one laughing the loudest and creating the jokes.

My most “problematic” student, my son doing his homework without being told and putting together and using tools (on his own) – such as looking up the word in a dictionary!

This is a major result of getting services at Mace-Kingsley. Every one of my kids have been getting auditing and my oldest voiced today that one of the wins this trip to Florida (at the top of her list) was getting auditing. (This after avoiding receiving any auditing for two years).

Each and every one has shown marked improvement. No one knows kids better than Mace-Kingsley and I couldn’t be happier with the results.


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Her first experience of the Mace Kingsley love…

Personal Consulting

A Very Big THANK YOU!!

Hi All,

I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year and to tell you that every person I see that has bumped into K. remarks on how great it is to see her so happy and they are so glad for her that she had such a lovely time. YOU WERE THAT LOVELY TIME. Larry, we did not really chat but K. continues to do well and thinks the world of you. She thinks the world of all of you.

There were so many benefits to our trip and I was very, very pleased that K. could continue with you guys after a very long absence. She never forgot (for more than half her life) that indelible pleasure of her first experience of the Mace Kingsley love. You know, I was so happy when Sandy came to England and the boys got to experience the Mace Kingsley mobile theta. I knew that it would ignite a spark that could never again be extinguished. When I told K. that we were going to go to America and that she would be able to have some auditing she was instantly revisited by a “KERTHWUNK”, to be ‘Batmanesque’ about it, of what could only be described as a look of hope and joy.

I just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU for how cool you all are and for what you did and do and to tell you that I really want ALL my children to have you in their lives all the time. I wish we lived there right now!

K. routed on to her next course at St Hill when she got back and she could not be happier that you were all in her life again. You are the business. You are the IAS!

With lots of love,


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A teen doing chores willingly?

Personal Consulting

I Am Happier On The Inside

I feel more mature, and my parents are shocked about it too. I am doing my chores without being asked. Before I would not be finished with my chores and I’d get lazy in the middle of it. Now when I am doing something I feel like I need to finish it before I do anything else. And it is the first time that I am able to hold on to a diet. Before I would break it after a few days and now I am on my diet for a month and that has been really good.

I have also been very good on choosing to listen to good music. I am usually changing the station if it is not a good one. My parents think it is magic.

I go to the gym every day. I am more focused on getting an education and put the effort to doing what I need to do to become someone. My parents are really happy with me and I am happy too. They are proud of me. I also do not say bad words anymore, I used to curse a lot and used a lot of bad words.

I haven’t gotten aggravated as easily. If someone does something wrong I let it pass, before I used to get so reactive.

My addiction to chewing my nails is gone. I used to chew them all the time but now I am letting them grow.

A lot of my addictions are gone and I am not so focused on guys anymore.

I am really happy, it helped me a lot, before my family and I were mad at each other but now we are relaxed. I am happier on the inside. Now I am happy and it not a fake happiness. It is because I am doing what I need to do and keeping everything in order and clean.

Age 15

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Oh My, What A Relief!!

Auditing Services, Personal Consulting,

We’ve been observing another stable change in “F” that I thought I’d pass on to you. Also I wanted to say again that I’m just amazed at how much stable change you were able to create in such a short time. The trip you made here was just golden. This is my ideal scene for my child. She already knew she really wanted The Bridge. Now she’s getting for herself the concept that Scientology really works.

She’s had an odd valence ever since she was very young. She’d talk in baby talk, act like a 2 year old, say goofy things. I would see other children get a funny look on their faces and then walk away from her, or shun her in later contacts. She always felt the rejection but couldn’t tell why. I tried telling her a couple of times but she didn’t seem to be able to get control of it. And she’d get worse when she felt the ARC withdrawn.

Last year she made a best friend at school, a very kind and smart girl. However this girl did the same thing!

After auditing with you that valence disappeared. Oh my, what a relief to get to talk to “F” all the time and not have to see her through that valence.

And now she’s struggling with how to get her friend to stop because it’s so irritating, plus it’s difficult to get a comm line in through that valence. We had a conversation the other day about how she has the benefit of auditing but her friend does not. She really got for herself that the auditing allowed her to make a change for the better that she couldn’t make before.

So David-I wanted to thank you for all you do to make this possible in the field, and specifically possible for us. And Sandy-you are gold.

Love always,

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