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Every Day A Bigger Smile!

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I arrived at Mace-Kingsley Family Center with my two girls. One is four years old and the other is 20 months. It was just amazing how they loved it there! The space is amazing and designed just for kids which I thought was really important because they felt like they could go around and be free.

The auditing made them really happy, every day a bigger smile. Mace-Kingsley gave an amazing auditor to my girls and each had incredible ARC with my girls. They both loved it there and so did I!

See you next summer!


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How I Disseminated Scientology To My Children

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When I first planned to take one of my kids, age six, to Mace-Kingsley for auditing, I wondered what to say to him about why we were going and what we were going to do. I worried about what I would do if he refused to go in the building or if he refused to go into session. I decided to keep it simple, and just say, “we’re going to a place where they help you do better in life.” This was sufficient. From the moment he walked in the door and got the feeling of the place, there was nothing more to say. He loved it!

Fast forward three years. I am standing in line at the airport with both my kids, waiting to check a bag for our flight to Florida to go to Mace-Kingsley for our fourth visit. It is 7am on a Monday morning. The airport is very busy. My kids are so excited to go to Mace-Kingsley for auditing. They decide to start a little cheer in the line, saying, “Auditing, Auditing, Auditing,” stamping their feet and pumping their fists like they are at a sporting event.

When we arrive in Florida there are a few problems. Lost bag, car-rental mix-up, checked into an occupied room at the hotel. I’m cranky and it is 90+ degrees with full humidity and I’m wearing long pants due to the lost bag. No swimsuits for the pool, no pajamas, etc. The kids are so positive! “Don’t worry, Mom, everything will be okay!” “We’ll get the bag back, we don’t need to go to the pool right now, we don’t need pajamas, it’s not that hot, Mom.” Usually I am the one making sure to stay positive so that there are no upsets prior to the auditing. But they were handling me!

That night, they are very focused on getting a good meal and getting to bed. Usually I am the one putting the intention on their getting the right food and the right sleep. They were handling this on their own!

The next morning, they are so excited to get to Mace-Kingsley, after asking for a full breakfast, of course.

So, the answer to the question, “How do I Disseminate Scientology to My Children” would seem to be: “Tell them you are going to a place where they help you do better in life, and your work will be done!”

Mom of a 6 and 9 year old

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A 4 Year Old Controls Her Environment Much Better!

Baby Processing

My daughter completed 1 intensive of auditing. During this period I noticed how she changed. She is more honest and has more integrity than before. She controls her environment much better and she allows us as parents to control her much easier. Her reading, playing on piano and dancing are more fun for her and she has more fun than ever before.

Thank you Mace-Kingsley for such great work! Thank you LRH for creating this technology!

Mother of a 4 yr old.

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I’ve Noticed Him Sitting At The Table To Eat At Meal Times

Baby Processing

I would like to say how much we have noticed a positive change in our son. His communication cycle is really great, even better than before. His use of language is amazing – total confidence in speech and correct use of words and grammar when he isn’t even three yet!!

He is calmer, less frantic, more definite in his actions. He was always confident and able, but he seems much more in his own space. Also, when we returned home, I noticed he was sitting at the table to eat his food at meal times. He used to be up and down off his chair the whole time, but he started to just sit and eat!! I was actually shocked by this as I used to have to constantly ask him to sit on his chair! Usually in the end, I used to be getting up and chasing him around with his food while he played with his toys!

So I really think the processing has been successful with him and he enjoyed it. He talks fondly of Mace-Kingsley and Katie, his auditor.

Mother of a 3 yr old.

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Young Girl Recovers Her Sight

Auditing Services, Baby Processing,

“The most miraculous things have happened with my daughter since starting her auditing at Mace-Kingsley.  She was born with a rare eye disease and began seeing eye specialists at 2 months old.  We were told that she was around legally blind and would likely lose vision.

“Before starting her auditing, she was obviously visually impaired quite a bit; she would not hold eye contact or track an object with her eyes.  We were seeing retina specialists, pediatric ophthalmologists, neurologists and physical therapists regularly. She started her auditing and the most amazing things began to happen.  She was suddenly so in communication!  She started looking at people and objects!  She became more independent and more out going.

“She now no longer has to see doctors all the time.  Her retina specialist said that her eyes are repairing themselves and we now only see him once every 2 months (whereas before it was every 2 weeks). She now longer attends physical therapy as she met all of her Physical Therapy goals way ahead off schedule!

“She really seems to have taken more responsibility and become more aware. I’m so proud of her!  And she can definitely see very well now!  I know that making the decision to get her auditing here was the right thing. I know its going to have a huge impact on the rest of her life.

“Thanks to the awesome staff at Mace-Kingsley and to her auditor Diane!  And of course thanks to LRH for this amazing technology. Words can’t really express my gratitude.”  C.N.  Parent of a 12 month old.

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