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More Than Expected

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It’s been a great experience to come here! I cannot praise the service at Mace-Kingsley highly enough for the care of my daughter and of myself. It has been more than I expected and hoped for. We will go home in a different and much improved condition and I look forward to returning. Thank you very much.


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Auditing, Consulting And Ethics

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Where to start. I brought my son to Mace-Kingsley because we had things that were really getting in the way of our survival as a family. Through Mace-Kingsley’s program for him and the guidance for me as the parent things started to change; and it was wonderful!

My son gained the ethics data he needed to make better choices in life. He took on so much more responsibility for his dynamics. Every day I saw changes that made my son more himself.

They helped me with references that have now become new stable datums for me. This was the best thing I have ever done for my family. I am very grateful for Mace-Kingsley and all they do. And thanks to Mr. L. Ron Hubbard as well for giving us this technology.


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It’s Great To See Measurable Progress With Everyone

Auditing Services, Parent Hatting,

Dear Sandy,

Once again it was great to have you at our house to work with us and the kids! Things are getting saner. The big win I had was really seeing where each child was on the tone scale. This helps me understand my kids better and makes me understand a lot of their actions. Not only do I see their strengths and weaknesses I knew better how to handle them and to help improve the situation and raise their tones.

Andy — It was great to see him put a log piece puzzle together by himself without stopping or whining for help. I’ll work on the tutor situation to help his confidence at school.

Jenna — I’m looking forward to Jenna and I starting the Girl Scouts on Friday. This will help us continue to bond and give opportunity for own time with both her and Krista.

We’ll make a point of getting more activity in with the kids and walking the dogs, too! They love swimming and so I am going to look into the indoor pools and when we could take them over the winter!

Garrett–His communication is continuing to improve all the time. He’s less whiny, easier to talk too. Seems less keyed in.

Krista–I think with the more ‘own time’ and giving more attention, using the reference about really validating her and giving her some more freedoms will make a big difference.

She does decide quicker to come up to ‘cheerful’ so she is not in her room as long. This is a win.

It’s great to see measurable progress with everyone since your last trip and even progress this past week.

We have definite action steps and tools as far as where we are heading from here which is great.

I can’t wait to see the progress over the next few months until you come back!

Thanks for everything!

We all think you’re really cool!


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How I Disseminated Scientology To My Children

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When I first planned to take one of my kids, age six, to Mace-Kingsley for auditing, I wondered what to say to him about why we were going and what we were going to do. I worried about what I would do if he refused to go in the building or if he refused to go into session. I decided to keep it simple, and just say, “we’re going to a place where they help you do better in life.” This was sufficient. From the moment he walked in the door and got the feeling of the place, there was nothing more to say. He loved it!

Fast forward three years. I am standing in line at the airport with both my kids, waiting to check a bag for our flight to Florida to go to Mace-Kingsley for our fourth visit. It is 7am on a Monday morning. The airport is very busy. My kids are so excited to go to Mace-Kingsley for auditing. They decide to start a little cheer in the line, saying, “Auditing, Auditing, Auditing,” stamping their feet and pumping their fists like they are at a sporting event.

When we arrive in Florida there are a few problems. Lost bag, car-rental mix-up, checked into an occupied room at the hotel. I’m cranky and it is 90+ degrees with full humidity and I’m wearing long pants due to the lost bag. No swimsuits for the pool, no pajamas, etc. The kids are so positive! “Don’t worry, Mom, everything will be okay!” “We’ll get the bag back, we don’t need to go to the pool right now, we don’t need pajamas, it’s not that hot, Mom.” Usually I am the one making sure to stay positive so that there are no upsets prior to the auditing. But they were handling me!

That night, they are very focused on getting a good meal and getting to bed. Usually I am the one putting the intention on their getting the right food and the right sleep. They were handling this on their own!

The next morning, they are so excited to get to Mace-Kingsley, after asking for a full breakfast, of course.

So, the answer to the question, “How do I Disseminate Scientology to My Children” would seem to be: “Tell them you are going to a place where they help you do better in life, and your work will be done!”

Mom of a 6 and 9 year old

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