Top Field Auditor – Sandy Mesmer

Captain Flag Land Base Harvey Jacques’ introduction of Sandy Mesmer at Auditor’s Day:

“Our first award tonight goes to the top Field Auditor.

“She is one of the highest-producing auditors at the Mace-Kingsley Field Group– which has been successfully helping our younger generations of Scientologists get onto and up The Bridge for the past 30 years.

“This auditor is a New OT 8, and a Golden Age of Tech Permanent Class 4 auditor.

“In addition to the thousand or so Well Done Auditing Hours she delivers each and every year in the three languages she speaks: English, German and French, she also delivers lectures around the world having recently lectured in Australia, England, Germany and France.

“She has helped countless families—Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike – by handling young children, as well as the rest of the family, achieve their own ideal scenes.

“She has been known to audit children as young as just a few days old, as well as their grandparents– and everyone in between.

“So, please welcome, this year’s top local Field Auditor, Sandy Mesmer!”

Helping Families Come Together

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Since my son has been receiving auditing at Mace Kingsley, my life as a mother really changed. My son is much more calm and mature than before. The tailor-made hatting given to me by Sandy was essential and complemented the auditing. I now duplicate totally my son's universe, and this keys-out both of us.
Since my kids have been receiving auditing this trip I saw them light up! The first day they came back so talkative, so full of energy! I saw them happier and way more affectionate towards my husband and me, telling us how much they love us and giving us hugs and kisses!
Both my husband and I have been amazed at how much more in communication our daughter is with us now! After her Purification Rundown she was so much calmer and easier to be around and has much less drama.
I have noticed that his tone level is higher, he is happier, calmer, more considerate, and more willing and able to do the things he needs to do at home and at school. He seems to be more 'himself'.
Since the first day she loved her auditor and she came happily for session.  I have never seen her as happy as when she got out of session, very talkative and with a lot of energy and willing to be outside in contact with nature.  I realized the sessions brought her to present time and she is more at cause.