That Child Is Going To Hate Your Guts But Thoroughly

Ron Says…

“It would be practically impossible to commit an overt act against me. It’s not that I’m tough or I am a no-effect proposition but I merely wouldn’t consider it so! Now that’s just an attitude of mine.

“Well now, a little kid—and maybe something else—but a little kid, he’s just committed the overt act of witholding his death, see. And he went through a big pretense of dying and here he is again and so he’s all occluded. And this, itself, is a major overt act, as I told you in an earlier lecture. And, boy, is it easy to commit overt acts against children in their consideration unless you break them out of it.

“And, you can break them out of it in various ways. Not by arguing with them or something of that sort, but the basic way to do it would simply be to not go into a victim valence every time they started screaming, you know. Like, ‘Oh, what am I going to do? I don’t know. Why did I ever become a mother (or a father) da-di-da-da’ or any other version of the same tune, you see.

“That fixes it up so when he’s sixteen, fifteen, fourteen, that child is going to hate your guts but thoroughly! And they find the normal reaction in a generation so ‘normal’ (quote) (unquote) that the clinical psychologist considers it inevitable that the child in his teens will do some kind of an individuation or separateness from the family by hating everybody in the family. And this is considered to be routine. Well, it’s only routine if everybody in the family has it set up so the child has committed innumerable acts—overt acts against them. Don’t you see?”

L. Ron Hubbard

from 1st Melbourne Advanced Clinical Course lecture
“Universe of a Thetan”
24 November 1959

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Since my son has been receiving auditing at Mace Kingsley, my life as a mother really changed. My son is much more calm and mature than before. The tailor-made hatting given to me by Sandy was essential and complemented the auditing. I now duplicate totally my son's universe, and this keys-out both of us.
Since my kids have been receiving auditing this trip I saw them light up! The first day they came back so talkative, so full of energy! I saw them happier and way more affectionate towards my husband and me, telling us how much they love us and giving us hugs and kisses!
Both my husband and I have been amazed at how much more in communication our daughter is with us now! After her Purification Rundown she was so much calmer and easier to be around and has much less drama.
I have noticed that his tone level is higher, he is happier, calmer, more considerate, and more willing and able to do the things he needs to do at home and at school. He seems to be more 'himself'.
Since the first day she loved her auditor and she came happily for session.  I have never seen her as happy as when she got out of session, very talkative and with a lot of energy and willing to be outside in contact with nature.  I realized the sessions brought her to present time and she is more at cause.