Wins, Realizations & Goals!

Since our last trip to Mace Kingsley, “G” has been much more communicative. His communication prior has consisted mostly of asking questions. “What would happen if we didn’t have any pupils?” “If the Earth is turning, then why are we standing still?” “How many days until Halloween?”

Lately there has been much more of a two-way flow. For example:

Driving along in the car. “Mom, want to stop for a cup of coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts?”

“No, we don’t go to Dunkin’ Donuts. Too much sugar.”

“No, for you Mom, so you can get a cup of coffee.”

“Oh, (gasp to self). You know, actually I don’t care for their coffee.”

“You mean there are different kinds of coffee?”

“Yes, depending on what country the coffee comes from and how it is roasted.”

“Oh, well what kind of coffee do you like?”

This was our first conversation!

Yesterday he had a big disappointment about something. Usually he reacts by dramatizing with a lot of anger. This time he cried but he talked through his tears and found a solution to the problem. This was a big change.

The last time “G” was at M-K, he played Sorry with Jesse. He enjoyed this so I bought the game. I had never played it. We played it yesterday. He taught me how to play. I was amazed at how well he knew every rule and every detail of the game. He knew the rules COLD with total certainty. This is impressive as he typically has shown a low ability to duplicate. More important, he was totally willing to FOLLOW the rules. Following rules has been a big button for him. He followed the rules with no back off and did not get upset when the game was not going his way. Usually I break a sweat during games, not knowing when the drama might occur, but yesterday there was none of that.

Rigo gave me several important references regarding the evils of screens. When we came back from M-K we got rid of TV and computer games. The kids are allowed to watch one movie per day. The transition has been smooth. They have nothing on it AT ALL. Some days they don’t even ask to watch a movie. I realize it is my button more than theirs. I thought I could not cook dinner or clean the house without the screen pinning them down motionless. I do look forward to their movie time (and mine) but it is nothing at all like the must-have of the past.

And a MAJOR WIN. I have been teaching “G” how to read. (Study Tech used.) I am using a set of books similar to the intro books at Delphi called Bob Books). Since we have read about 60 books. Usually getting him to do the reading has not gone very well. He complained or got tired easily or in general just showed a low level of motivation. But we have pushed through and today I told him he had only one more set of eight books and he would be done with his first reading program and there would be a prize and he could then start getting books from the library. Wow! The motivation and the desire to achieve a goal was incredible! We just spent from 3pm to 7:00 pm (with food break) READING !!! He was driven!! I have never seen this in him. This is really a huge change.

Realization: Rigo gave me a reference regarding “Don’t Talk to Circuits.” This is such valuable data. It occurred to me that the practice of psychology is: “Talk to Circuits.”

New Goal: I realize that for a couple of years “G” has been keyed in and I have been talking to his circuits. How dumb! I will not do this anymore. I will get him more auditing and I will practice the data provided in the references.

Thank you for your help! “G” as HIMSELF is such a funny, loving, uptone person. It is a joy to get him back.


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Since my son has been receiving auditing at Mace Kingsley, my life as a mother really changed. My son is much more calm and mature than before. The tailor-made hatting given to me by Sandy was essential and complemented the auditing. I now duplicate totally my son's universe, and this keys-out both of us.
Since my kids have been receiving auditing this trip I saw them light up! The first day they came back so talkative, so full of energy! I saw them happier and way more affectionate towards my husband and me, telling us how much they love us and giving us hugs and kisses!
Both my husband and I have been amazed at how much more in communication our daughter is with us now! After her Purification Rundown she was so much calmer and easier to be around and has much less drama.
I have noticed that his tone level is higher, he is happier, calmer, more considerate, and more willing and able to do the things he needs to do at home and at school. He seems to be more 'himself'.
Since the first day she loved her auditor and she came happily for session.  I have never seen her as happy as when she got out of session, very talkative and with a lot of energy and willing to be outside in contact with nature.  I realized the sessions brought her to present time and she is more at cause.