Boredom Vs. Infinity

The majority of people I know have the idea of an infinite life.  It is a common belief that we are spiritual beings who live to go forward  in some fashion or another.  Different religions have different ideas and beliefs about this. I recently had a child ask me about the word “infinity” and what it meant to live an infinite life.  He thought that it meant only that after one dies and leaves this current body that they would then go forward. I thought about this for a moment and it suddenly dawned on me that truly that was a very limited viewpoint of “infinity”.  It made me think about what “infinity” truly is and  how one actually creates infinity.

To keep something alive, one gives it attention.  To keep something there, one must give it attention and continue to create it.  In order for anything to persist, one must create it newly each time or it would deteriorate and eventually crumble, disintegrate or disappear.  It is an observable fact.

So to create infinity, one would have to decide on a goal, work to achieve it and when the goal is achieved, be willing to create a new goal and work to achieve that.  It is the willingness, attention and constant creation that makes infinity.  It is amazing what I recognize for myself when I clear up the words of study material and the confusions of children!

And out of the mouths of babes the child said, “Oh!  That is why people get bored and why they are so unhappy.  They are waiting to die to live.”  I was struck!  I suddenly got this idea of a person who had a goal and either had attained it and stopped creating or gave up on it and stopped creating.  The person got a job they needed, not that they had a strong purpose or desire for it but to pay the bills, to help the family, to eat.  And though they love their family they are bored and not creating fun and life with them.

So they come home and plop themselves in front of a television to be entertained.  They sit woodenly with little attention on their own family, as they are interested in the show. Sometimes they share their interest with their family, but then seldom discuss it afterwards. Television and movies are put on to entertain the children “so we can get things done.” Life becomes less and less interesting, the person can become bored, depressed and tired.  They must go on for their family so they try to do better and try harder and sometimes they just persevere.

I thought about how different that was from my childhood.  When I was growing up we were taught to sew, and embroider, to bake and cook meals from scratch even when there were mixes and ready-made food.  My mom taught me to knit when I was seven years old and if we were bored, she handed me something to do or shooed me out of the house to play.  Television was only allowed one hour a day and then while we watched, we were knitting or crocheting or embroidering or mending something while we were watching.  My dad always had it in his head that if something changed quickly in the environment, we could build a fire and find food to cook a meal and we knew how to do that.  We could create and make a future.

Imagine what life would be like if a person was bored or depressed and instead of putting attention on their unhappiness they decided to find someone to help; got involved with their community and helped to clean up a park, help as a tutor in their local school, went down to an assisted living home and cheered up the elderly people or went down to the local hospital to read a story to the children there?

Imagine what it would be like if they decided to take up the art class, dance class, or music class they always had wanted to take and worked at becoming really good at it.  Imagine if they created infinity NOW instead of waiting for the end of this life!  And imagine if a child could know and understand this at a young age!

At Mace-Kingsley Family Center we work with an extremely effective and observably workable technology that helps families attain true happiness.  We help families work in a coordinated effort to attain each of their personal goals together as a team.  You can learn more about this by contacting us at 727-442-3922 or by clicking here.

Diane DiGregorio Norgard

Mace-Kingsley Family Center


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