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His Communication Level is Way Up and He is Much Brighter
John - Caspian's Dad

Here is what a father said about his son, after getting services at Mace-Kingsley. Caspian, our son, just arrived at Flag and has just had his first few Scientology auditing sessions. LRH has developed some spectacular auditing processes for Children. Mace-Kingsley was founded by Carol Kingsley and Debbie Mace. Caspian Flew with us to Flag this week and has been getting Auditing at Mace Kingsley and after his first session he was doing marvelously and the gains he has been having are very obvious. After his third session, his communication level is way up and he is much brighter and his cheerfulness is literally shining through ( if that was possible as he is already super cheerful). Auditing kids is a very exact activity and Mace Kingsley has perfected it. This is something for all children, and every parent should know about it. You can go to http://macekingsley.com for more information. Please do share this link with your friends. Ken Ferrara our good friend, can be contacted for more details and how this facility can help your family.

My Daughter is Winning in Life
S.B. - parent

My daughter is winning so much, she is a completely different person.  She is so much more herself, so in communication with others, so helpful and so wonderful.  The other day she explained to me all about the ARC Triangle.  She used to be so out of communication with my parents and now she is so in-communication with them. When we returned to LA on a quick break to see my parents she  was so much more free with them.  According to my parents 'she was a total angel'. Now my daughter is winning in life.  She is in communication, happy and so confident.  I am beyond thrilled with the product of the service that Mace-Kingsley Family Center delivered.  It is so incredible!  A big thank you to Rigo, Ingrid, the Case Supervisor and the whole team. And of course my thanks to LRH. Thank you for giving me the priceless prize of my child winning in life!"