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A Quite Restorative And Therapeutic! 

My family recently suffered a terrible loss and I was reeling from the confusion of how to re-create our life together. Rigo Gil, the Parent Consultant at Mace-Kingsley pulled me in to show me some key LRH References and definitions. He lovingly took the time to teach and demonstrate this reference on 'Life' and achieving goals. I was blown away by the data and for the first time in months I felt some anchor points going in, some hope for the future and a renewed confidence in my ability to make my postulates happen. Rigo did not just give me encouraging words but he also gave me real tools to make my goals and postulates happen. He took the time and care to make sure I understood the data. His care factor was extremely high. He granted me enormous friendship and beingness and validation which was quite restorative and therapeutic. I am for the first time in months looking forward to a brighter future. I know I can make it happen! Thanks to Rigo for his beautiful self, to LRH for the gift of the Tech and to Mace-Kingsley for being the care takers of the future generations.

6 Year Old Learns The Value Of Scientology! 
J.P. - Parent of a 6 year old

We want to thank all the staff at Mace-Kingsley Family Center for the wonderful care they gave to our son and for making his first experience with Scientology such a memorable one. Our whole purpose for bringing our son to Mace-Kingsley was to introduce him to the benefits of auditing and to create a reach for the Technology. In addition, of course, we wanted to smooth out any difficulties he may have been experiencing in life as well. We are very happy to say that all our hopes and expectations were fully realized. Our son was always looking forward to going to Mace-Kingsley and was so proud on his last day when he got to have two sessions! He then queried about when he would be going back to session again and was totally content once we gave him a time frame that he understood and made sense to him. We are so happy that our son understands what a privilege it is to come to Mace-Kingsley and how he has become more aware of his responsibilities to the family, friends and classmates. Many thanks for all your care and attention and we are looking forward to returning in the near future.

A 4 Year Old Controls Her Environment Much Better! 
T.S. - Mother of a 4 yr old

My daughter completed 1 intensive of auditing. During this period I noticed how she changed. She is more honest and has more integrity than before. She controls her environment much better and she allows us as parents to control her much easier. Her reading, playing on piano and dancing are more fun for her and she has more fun than ever before. Thank you Mace-Kingsley for such great work! Thank you LRH for creating this technology!

We Observed a Clear Increase in his Communication.
I.M. - Mother of 1 year old son

I am very pleased with my son's progress.  We observed a clear increase in his communication.  He came up tone and he now out-flows a lot more.  He loves his auditor and after each session he is happy and more in communication.  We also had a great time doing parent consulting with Rigo.  He is full of good data and very on source.  This was a very short trip but very successful.  We are looking forward to getting more auditing for our son in the future.  Thank you very much for excellent service!."